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ECU Tuning


Driving is not just about getting from point a to b, it's all about fuel savings and having fun between points a and b.

ECU Tuning

Gasoline and Diesel vehicles.

Improve your fuel economy. Gaining up to an additional 200km in the city and up to an additional 350km on the highway on every full tank!  (Results vary for all vehicles). (Horsepower and torque ratings remain at manufacturers specifications). Please contact to have the precise gain information regarding your vehicle.

General Repair

Engine Rebuild


Dyno Rental

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You will also have an additional package to increase your horsepower & torque at no additional cost.
(Way much-improved acceleration and instant throttle response)
Please contact for precise information regarding the horsepower and torque gains for your vehicle.

100% Garanteed

Fuel map improvement
Ignition map improvement
 Idle Improvement
 Throttle Response improvement
 One-time tune for life, no retuning required.
The manufacturer's warranty remains valid.
 User-friendly installation in few minutes, absolutely no tools.
Installation Phone Support Line
$200 one-time flat fee.

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